Get to know how Nicole contributes to the community.

Our Seattle Roots Run Deep

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We are committed to the health of the environment and our community. To that end, our philanthropy extends to the health of our local land and water, ending youth exploitation, and keeping local musicians healthy.

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We are active on the boards of Simple & Just and SMASH and will donate a portion of each sale and listing proceeds in your name, to one of the many organizations we support.

When you work with Seattle Happy Homes, you not only receive an elevated service experience, you are contributing to the very reasons that you chose to plant your roots in the Pacific Northwest.

Founding Board Member 

Nicole is a weekly shop volunteer, training and coaching staff.

Motto: 100% of our profits go to holistic support of survivors. Our efforts provide healing care for those who have experienced exploitation. Your choice has POWER for bringing justice to those who need it most. Not everyone can provide individualized care, but everyone can help!

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Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare

Smash helps local musicians stay healthy by providing access to free and low cost medical, dental, and mental health services to low and limited income working musicians.


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Offering up our living room for local artists to play creates more venues and allows musicians to capture more of the revenue from their tours.

Work With Nicole

Nicole has a deep understanding of her client's desire to put down roots and find their happy home. She is a can-do problem solver, remaining calm during intense negotiations, always strategizing on her clients’ best position, not only anticipating problems but preventing them.

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