Saving Water

June 24, 2022


If you are a customer of Seattle Public Utilities you just received this year’s water report. It comes out early summer and is our reassurance of the power of clean water to support our region. Pacific Northwesterners are so lucky access clean, clear drinking water straight out of the tap. There is no need for bottled water and even if you choose to filter it, it’s not required for good health.

Our watersheds are the protected run-offs Cascade Mountains, Cedar River Watershed and South Fork Told River Watershed. Although we received a ton of rainfall this year, summer water comes from melting snow run-off, so conserving water is always the best practice.

Making the connection to our wildlife web can be harder. We turn the tap on and water comes out, but what we put down our sinks and allow to run into the storm drains effects our wider world in ways it’s difficult to keep in mind. As the population has increased in our region, run-off from roadways that includes fuel and exhaust particulates run into the puget sound effecting the health of all the living beings there, including our beloved, endangered Southern Resident Orcas and the salmon they feed on.

Driving less, taking public transportation when available or carpooling, using fewer fertilizers, weed and moss killers will all contribute to a healthy Puget Sound. Saving what we love will preserve our way of life for millennia to come.

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